Tower of Faith

Experience Kulaqua’s Tower of Faith at the most adventurous Christian retreat center in North Central Florida!

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Discover Your Faith

Sometimes it takes a literal leap of faith to help rekindle the excitement of putting it all in God’s hands.

Come experience North Central Florida’s best retreat and conference center all time favorite thrilling faith building activity. Come experience Kulaqua’s Tower of Faith!

We build three faith challenging elements tied into one faith challenging tower.

Climb the 80 steps to the top with breathless anticipation, then either the quick leap 42 feet to the ground or take the long way down on our 500 foot long zip line.

Our 40 foot high Rock Walls feature 4 different skill levels:

  • 2 beginner walls
  • 1 intermediate
  • 1 advanced

Come face Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center’s Tower of Faith.

You’ll never be the same again.

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