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Kulaqua Has Been Bringing People Together For Over 60 Years

We are a primary user group facility serving groups with a ministry or educational purpose

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From our own water park, zoo, and natural spring to horseback riding, go carts, climbing wall and zip line - we have everything you need for a memorable gathering

- Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center

Situated in lush northern Florida, about two hours from Tallahassee and Tampa and less than two hours from Jacksonville, this haven from the every day is blessed with natural beauty, a variety of activities and facilities in a second-to-none environment that is ideal for large and small events. Kulaqua is the perfect location for your intimate family reunion and large conference and retreats. This incomparable property has been enjoyed by thousands of guests for decades, and we are now proud to announce we have completely refurbished and expanded our offerings – in every way.

some of our many happy guests include:


Welcome To The Quiet – At Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center

We have lodging options for every style and budget, including tent and RV sites, rustic cabins, lodges, comfortable suites and hotel style rooms.
Quiet by no means equates to boring! Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center offers a myriad of fun and purposeful activities to keep groups of all ages occupied, focused, relaxed, and happy.

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From large conference and banquet halls, to intimate meeting rooms, we have the facilities to accommodate whatever you have planned to delight your attendees.

So… You’re planning an event…

Whether this is your first or your fiftieth, they can be a little overwhelming.

Who will speak?

Where can you find speakers? How do you contact them? How far in advance do you have to plan?

What theme will you choose?

Casual? Business? Formal? Hawaiian? Racing? Cowboy? No theme at all?

How do you estimate how many attendees you will have? And what about registration?

50? 1,000? How big is your group going to be? And how are you going to sign them all up in an organized fashion?

What about food?

Sack lunches? Full formal chef? Three meals? Two? Buffet?

How will you get people to come?

How are you going to tell everyone about your event and get all them excited about coming?

Your mind might be spinning with all the tasks and challenges and deadlines you are facing right now.

We Get it.

You’re a group leader, an educator, a minister with a servant’s heart.

Not an event planner.

Now ~ Relax and take a deep breath.

Because working with you to plan your successful event IS our ministry!

Our Ministry and Event Planning Service Team

is here to help you every step of the way.

We have hosted thousands of successful retreats, conferences, seminars, summits, weddings, family reunions, team building and educational events – let our expertise help you make your next event in North Central Florida your most memorable and successful yet!

Kulaqua Event Specialists Are Ready to Help You,

at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center

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For Over 60 Years, Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center Has Proved To Be The Perfect Location For Many North Central Florida Retreats and Conferences Including:

Couples Retreats

Couples Retreats are very popular – and the rising number of retreats in this category show that this trend will likely continue. Couples Retreats promote strong family bonds. Happy couples are the backbone of the family, and strong, happy families are the backbone of the community. Let us host your successful Couples Retreat!

Leadership Retreats

Team building, leadership training, women’s leadership training, strategy sessions, men’s leadership summits – leadership retreats have been growing in popularity and effectiveness. We can’t wait to share with you all the amazing ways we can make your annual North Central Florida Leadership Retreat at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center the best annual gathering your company or ministry ever had.

Creative Retreats

Kulaqua is the ideal location for your Creative Retreat. Your 48 hour film festival, photography retreat, writer’s retreat, painting retreat or any other creative based event will have unlimited inspiration here at our fully equipt Retreat and Conference Center.

Singles Retreats

Finding your one true match is easier than you think when you hold a Singles Retreat at Kulaqua Conference and Retreat Center. And Singles Retreats make waiting for that love true one or affirming your choice to stay single easier as you draw strength and confidence from surrounding yourself with others who are enjoying the single’s life.

Seniors Retreats and Golden Years Retreats

Some say life begins at retirement – and a Senior Retreat held at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center will definitely sway those who may not be convinced.

With more and more baby boomers retiring, providing retreats for them using Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center as your location is an excellent choice for this growing demographic that loves leading active, fun filled lives in their golden years.

Enjoy Kulaqua’s New Hotel Style Lodging and Conference Rooms!

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Our Guests Love Our Facility Because Coming Together In The Quiet Makes The Message And Purpose Of Their Gathering Stand Out

Away – but not too far away – from the hustle and bustle of other retreat and conference location lies Kulaqua in stillness and tranquility.

Your guests will leave the noise and pressure of the world around them as they soak in the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds this blessed property. Refreshed through resting their senses, inspired by their unparalleled surroundings, they will be ready for the challenges you are equipping them to face as they return from our boarders fulfilled, rested, and strengthened.

Not only are we the premier location for retreats and conferences in North Central Florida, we also have the most systematized process for doing all we can to ensure your event is as successful as possible. That’s why we have so many repeat guests!

But don’t take our word for it – listen to what some of our guests say –

I am so thankful for the opportunities and memories made throughout this trip. Special thanks to Kulaqua for making your campus to serene and idyllic.

Molly Glisson

- Theta Alpha Sisterhood Theta Alpha Sisterhood Retreat

Wow. Things have changed since I was there 30 years ago. I think it’s time to return to one of my most favorite places ever!

Carolynn Y.

- Guest

I enjoyed the Saturday Night Variety Show – that’s always filled with surprises. This is just a peek into our amazingly memorable weekend at Kulaqua.

Tami H.

- Florida Hospital Church

Our group especially loved the water park. They play nice music (nothing inappropriate) and it is a great place to spend the day.

S. Crane Farris

- River Ranch Waterpark Guest

Our team of event planning specialists make having a successful retreat or conference at Kulaqua as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center is your perfect partner for reaching your supporters, customers, fans, and community. For over 60 years, we have been and continue to be the ideal location for stellar retreats that grow ministries, businesses and communities!

Working with you to plan your successful event IS our ministry!

Our Event Specialists are standing by to help you become one of the thousands of successful guests who have passed through our doors.

We’ve hosted thousands of successful retreats, conferences and events.

You’ll be in good hands.

Work with our event planners as much or as little as you need! Ask about our Concierge options!

Done For You


Done With You


Do It Yourself

Nothing brings a group together like bringing a group together! 

At the heart of every successful organization are people. The life blood of every ministry, organization, community and family is the relationship that holds them all together, moving forward in one direction as a unified group.

If you are ready to Grow Your Organization through retreats or conferences, we are ready to help you!

Kulaqua Event Specialist, Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center

One of our event specialists are standing by to help you.

Click or call today and ask for Sunny!

Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center Is the Perfect Venue for:


Couples Retreats and Marriage Retreats


Leadership Retreats, Business Conferences, Training Seminars


Golden Years and Seniors Retreats


Creative Retreats, Film Festivals, Photography Schools, Musician Retreats


Singles Retreats and Mixers


Health Retreats and Seminars

No Matter What Your Industry or Purpose, Nothing Grows Your Community Like Bringing Your Group Together Around Your Message

Ask Our Team Of Event Planning Specialists…

What Kind of Event Can I Hold At Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center?

We have been privileged to be the host of many types of events, including family reunions, weddings, wedding receptions, and ministry training, ceremony and award events, couples retreats, singles retreats, and our famous summer camps for all ages. If you can think of an event, we have likely hosted it some time in our 60 year history.

What Type Of Lodging Do You Have Available?

Our award winning facility has every imaginable accommodation available for your guest’s comfort. For those who like to “rough it”, we have authentic tent sites. For the mobile, we have convenient pull-through RV sites. Our site built accommodations range from dorm style rustic cabins in the woods, to quaint mini-lodges and cabins with all the comforts of home, to comfortable hotel style rooms and luxurious private lodges

My Event Will Include Some Attendees Who Have Specialty Diets. Will That Be A Problem?

Not at all! We believe that the bonding that happens over a good meal can only happen when the meal is good! Our chefs and food service professionals are eager to show you what they can do! They have served tantalizing meals for many different types of menus – from vegan and vegetarian, to lite, diabetic friendly meals and desserts to gluten and guilt free! They’ll even happily pack a sack lunch for your group’s trail rides!

What Type Of Activities Do You Offer?

Peaceful by no means equates boring here at Kulaqua! We have everything from trail rides and go carts, canoeing on the river, swimming in our own freshwater spring, zip line, climbing wall and free fall, – even our very own water park and zoo! You can walk along our miles of trails, play basket ball or volley ball, or enjoy our huge gymnasium One thing we promise is this – your group will never need to be bored!

My Event Will Require Some Sophisticated Meeting Facilities And Equipment. Is Kulaqua Still The Place For Me?

Absolutely! All of our conference and meeting facilities are equipped with state of the art sound and audio visual systems suitable for the most demanding large or small meeting groups, conventions, trade shows, film festivals, training seminars, business summits and any other type of event. Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center is probably the best kept secret in North Central Florida, and we are working hard to change that.

Can You Help Me With Guest Registration and Promoting My Event?

Yes we can! While we can’t guarantee attendance to your event, we can definitely help you have a successful event by providing help with registration and promotion of your event. Don’t forget to check out our new training videos on How to have a Successful Retreat – and download our Successful Event Checklist!

How Do I Start?

Glad you asked! Our Event Specialists are eager to help you! Click or call today!
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