Yes. We Even Have A Zoo.

There are many places in North Central Florida for you to have a Christian or educational conference or retreat. But how many of them have their own zoo and nature center?

Kulaqua’s Zoo and Nature Center is just one of the many ways Kulaqua sets itself apart as Florida’s premier location for Christian retreats, educational conferences, and similar gatherings.

Coming apart into the warm embrace of nature is soothing and healing. Our zoo and nature center brings you closer than ever to the animals you love.

Come experience the healing power of resting in God’s creation.

Kulaqua Zoo and Nature Center

Kulaqua’s Zoo and Nature Center offers a unique nature encounter for your group.

Our collection of cherished and much loved zoo animals came to us as rescues. We are honored to offer them a loving home and are constantly striving to keep them healthy, comfortable and happy.

Our new, modernized, natural zoo enclosures offer our precious animals a more comfortable environment where they can be observed in their natural habitat.

We strongly believe in our responsibilty of stewardship for our animal friends, and invite you to enjoy this unique opportunity for experiencing them with your group for yourself.

Are You Ready For A More Personal Encounter?

At Kulaqua Zoo and Nature Center we offer a more intimate encounter with some of our animal friends – including a petting and touching opportunity for our reptiles, teaching moments with our amphibians, and special presentations with other animals from our treasured collection.

At Kulaqua, we feel that the closer we can draw to nature the more we will see and appreciate our Creator’s love and care over us.

Why Animals?

When we spend time in nature, we see the Hand of our Creator.

His amazing creative abilities are revealed in the creatures He has made for our enjoyment.

As we participate in caring for these amazing and complex living treasures, we begin to have a glipse of how great a great responsibility rests on our shoulders, and we feel our need of wisdom from the Maker of all living things. We also begin to realize the careful amount of attention our Heavenly Caretaker bestows on us, His creation, as He lovingly provides for and protects us.

At Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center we strive to make as many opportunities for revealing the character and love of God to our guests.

That’s what makes us the perfect location for your Christian or educational event, retreat, or conference.

Come experience the Kulaqua Difference for yourself.

Come Experience Nature At Kulaqua

What Would You Like To Do?

Kulaqua’s Zoo and Nature Center is available to book as an activity for your Christian or Educational event. When you make your reservation request, make sure to let us know if you would like us to arrange for a more personal encounter for your group.

Support Our Animals

We appreciate all the generous donors who make it possible for us to adequately care for our treasured zoo and nature center animals. If you would like to donate, please visit our donation page to learn more about the projects we are currently working on as we constantly strive to improve and modernize all aspects of our facility.

Make Your Reservation Today.

For over 60 years Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center has been bringing groups in North Central Florida together in the quiet.

Come to Kulaqua. Come to the quiet.