With half of adult Americans living the single life, many people are looking for ways to meet others. While there are lots of options out there, many singles are turning to retreats such as the Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center. Holding singles retreats such as those at Kulaqua offer a large number of benefits.


Great Activities

Regular dates are usually relatively bland. After all, singles can only have so much fun at dinner and a movie. Hosting a Singles Retreat at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center give your single guests the opportunity to enjoy activities together in a peaceful, beautiful environment where there is so much more to do.


Your Singles Retreat activities can be adventurous, spiritual, or anything that you would want them to be. By sharing a common passion, your single guests can quickly determine whether they connect, and the surroundings and activities make it all the more fun.

Better Matches than Online Dating

Holding your singles retreat at Kulaqua can help couples establish lifelong relationships

Online dating is a booming market, but it isn’t without its problems. According to Online Dating: A Critical Analysis from the Perspective of Psychological Science, online dating fosters intimacy quickly, but those intimate feelings often turn to disappointment when the people meet in person. In addition, there are so many options available online it makes it difficult to make a commitment.

On the other hand, hosting singles retreats at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center gives the guests the chance to meet with others in person and in one-on-one settings. This helps develop real intimacy, which often leads to long-term relationships.

The Chance to Learn

People are often single for a reason. They might have some personal issues they need to fix, or they simply cannot stop getting in their own way. Regardless of the reason, singles retreats at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center can help. These Singles Retreats could hold classes and seminars for people to learn more about the dating world. This type of education helps them tackle whatever dating issue comes their way.



Help your singles create lasting friendships through a retreat at Kulaqua

A Chance to Form Bonds

Contrary to popular belief, single retreats aren’t always about dating. They can also be about making friends. In fact, some people go on all-female or all-male singles retreats. Holding your singles retreat at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center gives your attendees the chance to make new friendships that can last a lifetime. Friendships keep people engaged and focused in life, and help them reach goals. They also improve one’s overall level of happiness.

How to Get All of the Benefits of a Singles Retreats

Knowing the benefits is one thing, but cashing in on them is another. In order to get all of the benefits of holding a singles retreat, you need to hold it at a top-notch location. Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center is the perfect spot for holding singles retreats in Northern Florida.


Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center has ample activities in sunny Florida for singles to enjoy. Your attendees will enjoy horseback riding, zip lining, putt-putt golf, and go-carts and Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center also has its own River Ranch water park, which features a 15,000-gallon wave pool.

In addition, this retreat center serves up big meals that you can socialize around, and has hotel-style accommodations so everyone can have his or her own space.


With all the benefits that come with singles retreats, it’s no surprise that so many people are trying them out. Get the best results by holding your Singles Retreat at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center where your guests can enjoy great activities in a wonderful environment.

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