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Creative Retreats at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center help you feel energized and inspired! With so much to do, and today’s active lifestyle, choosing Kulaqua for your next retreat Florida is a great way to ensure its success! Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you will all your Retreat needs.

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Why Kulaqua is the Best Place for Your Creative Retreat in North Central Florida

Creative Retreats help you feel energized and inspired

Hosting creative retreats can be far easier than you think. Hold your creative retreat here at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center where you get the benefit of 60 years experience hosting retreats. Using the facilities available at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center your retreat will be a successful, top class, rejuvenating, inspiring, I-want-to-do-that-again, creative retreat!

Once you and your guests arrive, you will find a most stimulating environment for your retreat. A creative retreat should include many facets. Creativity exercises, accommodations close enough not to waste travel time, catering for meals, provision for special needs, entertainment during the in-between hours, stimulating surroundings, engaging activities.

At Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center, you bring your creative process and your guests to a peaceful, nature-filled environment that has flexible accommodation for big or small groups, meal facilities and outdoor fun, right at your doorstep. The creative process, energy, ideas, talent, and juices of your creative retreat attendees, will flourish and excel in the stimulating environment and activities provided at the Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center.

At least 10 ways your guests benefit:

Coming apart from their norms can hone and magnify their creative spirit.
Versatile amenities for all group sizes.
1.  Accommodation right on site.
2. Wonderful meal facilities for your group.
3. Relaxation and rest in beautiful surroundings
4. Eexcitement on the zip-line or ropes course,
5. Horseback riding along our beautiful trails,
6. Swimming or canoeing,
7. Spot some wildlife or take a restful stroll.
8. The most beautiful distraction-free, natural surroundings.

Doing It Right

Creativity doesn’t always come easily and some folks don’t naturally have the inspiration they need to create something out of nothing. Here at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center we have years of experience hosting creative retreats and we know how to add to the success of these retreats.

At Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center we have so much in our surroundings that is inspiring and breathtaking that will help your retreat attendees unleash their creativity, and inspire them to use it in their creative exercises. Our nature surroundings are very conducive to creativity and your guests will find it easy to harness and channel that inspiration.

You be the Creative Host

As the Creative Host, you will be able focus on giving your attendees the best of your creativity because you will have the surroundings that help to develop and hone talent. You can spend time teaching your attendees tips for finding inspiration and working through the creative process. Reflect, Observe, Make. They will be able to excel in a distraction-free environment.

The Community of Attendees

In the 10 Stages of Creativity, Participants play an important role in many ways. Artists are usually so focused on what they are creating that they become islands. An environment of like-minded people makes all the difference. Their creativity takes on so many more facets as they react with other artists. At your creative retreat your guests are able to talk and interact with people with creative talents; they can get a lot of information on how the artistic process works for others. They can also bounce their ideas off others. This is an extremely important part of the creative process, and something people typically don’t benefit from unless they attend a retreat.

Cater for Free Time Activites that are Stimulating or Restful

While the creative host and community are both very important, the activities are possibly the most important aspect of a creative retreat. That is why so many people choose the Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center as a site for their creative retreats. This location is full of activities that are perfect for boosting those creative juices.

First, this retreat and conference center is a great place to walk in an effort to stimulate creativity. Situated on acres of land, it is full of beautifully landscaped lawns, wildlife, and springs that inspire people. This will do more than give you exercise. A Stanford study found that walking improves creativity. When you go on a walk around the grounds at the Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center, your creative thinking will improve. It will stay at a higher level shortly after the walk as well, so you can expand on the ideas you came up with during the stroll.

The Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center has other activities to boost your creativity as well. For instance, the center has a ropes course that helps people with critical and creative thinking. It also has team-building exercises that people can use to learn how to think outside of the box and come up with solutions to problems.

Kulaqua makes it easy to Have a successul CREATIVE Retreat

Keep Your Guests Interacting Together

Along with all of the activities, that Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center has everything people need for short or longer retreats. From the dining areas that are perfect for long meals full of conversation,  to the variety of accommodations for groups of all sizes, you won’t have to go off the grounds for a thing.  
It’s time to stop procrastinating and start creating. Schedule your next creative retreat with us here at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center today, so you can put the creativity back into the hands of you and your attendees.  

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What People are Saying

“There facility is topnotch. The staff is very attentive to your needs and it has a peaceful private setting with lots of nature to enjoy, fresh Florida springs and the natural beauty of the Santa Fe river along with nature trails full of amazing thing.. The accommodations are very nice and comfortable.” -Ed Sroka
I’ve been coming to Camp Kulaqua for close to 40 years and it never disappoints! I’m here for my son’s 6th Grade Outdoor Education and Camp Kulaqua once again exceeded my expectations…good times, good food, safe & clean accommodations, and activities for all ages. -Emil Moldrik
“Went for the first time yesterday with a 3 year old and a 14 year old and both kids, including myself and husband enjoyed our day. Good price, clean park, friendly staff and lots of life guards watching! We will go back again next year for sure!!!” -Lela Johnson
“What a treat this retreat was. The grounds are beautiful, the accommodations impeccable and the staff; amazingly kind and courteous. It’s not my first time but I’m planning to make it an annual thing.” -Elsie Frederick
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