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Look no further than Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center for your Wellness Retreat.

Envision spending time with similarly invested people in a comfortable space, building up your business or brand while workshopping persuasive subjects, making motivation, maybe partaking in certain dinners together, but most importantly having some good times.

You could, obviously, appreciate this experience as a retreat participant, however what about facilitating your own? There’s a developing pattern, particularly with wellbeing bloggers, to host retreats that creates new connections.

While numerous associations today are made by means of online media, there appear to be less occasions to interface face to face. A wellbeing retreat can go about as a getaway yet in addition a period of network and individual or potentially proficient turn of events. 

In case you’re prepared to help commitment with your health network while at the same time developing your organization, here’s how to get the fervor moving:


1. Join Forces With Different Health Experts.

Coordinated effort can be a wonderful thing you can for the most part achieve more as a group gaining by singular qualities for a shared objective. It augments your organization for participants and furthermore helps significantly with execution.

Contact experts you’ve worked with before; maybe it’s your favorite fitness instructor or wellness mentor. There are many moving parts to an occasion. Regardless of whether you need to run your retreat alone, it’s typically best to have in any event one other individual available to help. On the off chance that your financial plan is restricted, consider contacting an Event Specialist at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center for assistance.

2. Set Your Main Goal, Objectives, And Expectations.

Basically, you need to pick a topic. Is it developing exercise program, smart dieting or possibly a blend? Is it professional development? Perhaps you need to incorporate workshops with basics like bookkeeping and insurance like accounting and protection for independently employed people. Consider the inquiry you get posed to most as an expert and maybe that is the focal point of your retreat.

3. Find A Location And Secure It.

After you’ve set your aim, it’ll give you a better idea of the space you’ll require; possibly it’s a meeting room or a kitchen for meal prep as a group.

Visit Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center and imagine your retreat there, take photographs, set the stage in your mind. Fill out a reservation application and take the vital measures to to secure the space for your retreat date. Hosting your retreat at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center helps capitalize on the getaway aspect and increases the overall value of your event.

4. Name Your Baby!

Yes, this is presently your baby. You’ve discovered a location to host your retreat, now you have to give it a name. Consider what you’re attempting to accentuate and compose a list of words that depict that thought. Utilize a thesaurus to discover equivalent words. Conceptualize. Consider quips, or even made-up words.

Giving your event a clever, catchy name can help others remember it, too.

5. Outline Your Daily Agenda.

Now comes the essentials of planning. What will the days look like? Will you begin with morning meditation or breakfast? What workshops/courses/talks will you have? How long will each one be? Will you presesnt them yourself?

Make a coordinated activity plan laying out every 15-to 30-minute block of time all through your retreat, even incorporate breaks.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Building a list of potential participants is critical. Use Mailchimp or other subscriber management software to maintain your list. Reach into your own address book, and then search out friends of friends. Next spread the word on social media.

Create advertisements that you can promote over all social media channels. Post week by week about your upcoming event and make certain to incorporate direct links for where potential attendees can sign up. 

7. Engaging Yourself—As Well As Other People.

As a facilitator, it’s dependent upon you to manage the discussion of your retreat. Encourage questions and insightful reactions. Guarantee that your educational program gives esteem, that your participants will leave with new knowledge, thoughts, as well as noteworthy advances. There’s incredible advantage to sharing your own encounters both great and bad from which others can learn.

Be aware of your participants’ needs and work to meet those through an enriching encounter. Be giving and thoughtful, and they’re sure to return into the world with recharged aim and motivation. 

kulaqua-retreat-conference-center-best-florida-christian-how-to-have-a-sucessful-retreat-series-retreat-north-central-florida-Are you looking for the best Florida Retreat Center

Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center is available year-round for rentals of groups up to 20 and larger.

We feature a variety of facilities to accommodate groups in all Florida seasons.

Our retreat center lodgings include rustic cabins, family chalets, cottages, mini-lodges, hotel-style accommodations at the Woodland Lodges, as well as RV & Tent sites.

For a more private setting there’s Stillwaters Lodge situated on the Santa Fe River.

We maintain our group facilities throughout our property designed for your group retreats.

Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center is Perfect for Your Group Retreat

For over 60 years, Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center has hosted many Christian Conferences as well as Health & Wellness Retreats, Educational Retreats, Singles Retreats, and more.

Corporate Retreats
Youth Group Retreats
Leadership Development
Grade, Middle & High School Retreats
Business Meeting Retreats
Private Group Retreats
Church Retreats

Kulaqua-Retreat-Conference-Center-Woodland-Lodges-Meeting-Rooms 1150x770

Meeting Rooms

Kulaqua’s unique and diversified property includes a wide variety of meeting facilities, both indoor and outdoor, suitable for the most demanding event or conference to the most laid back, relaxing, renewing retreat imaginable. Click her to explore the ample amenities available at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center.


Activites are an important part of your group event. That’s why Kulaqua has focused on providing the very best activities for your retreat or conference in Florida!

Kulaqua’s unique and diversified property includes a wide variety of activities, both indoor and outdoor, suitable for groups. Click here to see the the huge variety of fun activities we offer to suit all ages!

Kulaqua-Retreat-Conference-Center-Water-Park-Activities 1150x770
Kulaqua-Retreat-Conference-Center-Cafeteria-Dining-Food-Service 1150x770


From a Buffett to a Banquet to a BBQ/Picnic, and even a Sack Lunch the catering team at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center will exceed your guests’ expectations.

With a wide array of menu options and catering venues, we are happy to accommodate your group’s culinary preferences and special dietary needs.

Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center THE BEST best location for your next Wellness Retreat.

Group Reservations

It all starts with an application, click here to visit our application page so we can begin helping you plan your next successful Christian or Educational Retreat at the best retreat location.


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