2021 Summer Camp for Kids Ages 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 Teen Camp at Kulaqua


Welcome to Camp Kulaqua’s Summer Camp!

Camp Kulaqua’s Summer Camp offers a summer camp experience rich in fun, friendship, and adventure while in a Christian environment. Our unique Summer Camp program allows campers ages 13 to 17 to come to camp at the same time while providing camper’s their own individualized experience.

We have found that providing a camper with a program that is specifically designed for them, they are happier and more interested.

Our goals for your camper at Summer Camp are:

1. To see Jesus in our staff, and to help campers build a relationship  with Jesus Christ.
2. To build memories through a care-free environment and enjoyable activities and friendships.
3. To know your child is cared for. Kulaqua is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and follows their standards.
4. Promoting self-esteem by providing activities that progressively build skill levels and teach positive interaction with others.

2020 Summer Camp for Kids Ages 13 - 14 - 15, 16 and 17 - Teen Camp at Kulaqua

Teen Camp

Ages 13-17

Summer Camp for Teens should be a great experience, not a bunch of boring stuff to keep them busy! We’ve put together a camp where they can hang out and enjoy programs and activities that were designed with them in mind. Special games and events are planned for your teen that will include the activities on camp with some creative twists of our own. Your teen will also be able to sign up for activities they wish to enjoy while at camp.

Week 1: June 06-13, 2021
Week 2: June 13-20, 2021
Week 3: June 20-27, 2021


Summer Camp Programs have openings for male and female applicants.

Registration Opens:
Previous 2019 Campers: January 1-10, 2020!
Public Registration: Open Enrollment January 11, 2020!

Registration for summer camp programs will end on 05/29/2020. – so grab yours before they are gone!

Prices include meals, lodging, & activities.

Certain discounts apply; monthly payment plans are available *Full payment is required before arrival.

camp-kulaqua summer camp program cub camp 13-17 year olds
camp-kulaqua summer camp program cub camp 13-17 year olds

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Cub Camp

Ages 7-9

Cub Camp has designed a program designed for kids ages 7-9. 

This is a fun filled week with activities perfect for their age group, including worship songs they will enjoy and skits they’ll love – all designed to reveal God to your child in a way that they will be able to experience His love and come to know Him in a lasting relationship.


Junior Camp

Ages 10-12

Junior Camp is a great camp experience for boys and girls ages 10-12 looking for adventure!

Each day begins with a special morning program and fun activities of their choosing, and then each day is ends with a fun worship service and devotional.

While this camp focuses on encouraging each junior camper to exercise their adventurous side, our hope is for your camper builds new friendships throughout the week, and experiences God’s love in a way that positively impacts them for a lifetime!


Cowgirl’s Horsemanship Specialty Camp

Ages 11-16

Does your camper dream of horses? Do they neigh in their sleep and post photos of horses all over their room? Then Camp Kulaqua’s Horsemanship camp is the place for them! During this week of camp, your camper will have the opportunity to learn all of the basics of horse care including grooming, feeding, equipment maintenance, and equine first aid. Your camper will have their ‘own’ horse for the week that they get to groom, ride, and spend their week with. Your cowgirl will learn basic riding techniques and skills with their horse and come back full of stories from their trail bag. Don’t worry, they will also get to participate in the other activities camp has to offer, like the water park, spring, and go-carts. And if that isn’t fun enough, evening programs are full of upbeat songs, amusing skits, and a dynamic speaker. This week is jam-packed with fun, activities, and God’s magnificent creature- the horse.

Horsemanship Specialty Camp is $695/week, with three dates to choose from.


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All prices include meals, lodging, & activities.

Certain discounts apply; monthly payment plans are available *Full payment is required before arrival.

camp kulaqua summer camp programs cub camp
camp kulaqua summer camp programs rodeo

Summer camping is all about learning, making friends and having fun.

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Dear Friends & Campers,

Are you ready for camp? We are excited to welcome our 2021 season of summer camp and want to inform you about our opening registration dates, summer camp session dates, and current operating policies in the midst of Covid-19.
We know the future is unknown in many regards.
We understand the worry and the necessity of wellness.
We believe that our children need something more in 2021.
As the understanding of the pandemic continues to shift with more data, we also remain fluid at camp in our operating and sanitation policies. We may not know the full picture, but we are moving towards it.

Here is what we are currently doing:
Our accreditation, American Camp Association, has provided us with a Field Guide for Camps, offering tactical details on how to implement guidance from the CDC as well as from state and local health authorities.
We have been operating with our Covid-19 Operating Plan (can view here), and continue to monitor CDC and local authority guidance and regulations.
We recognize that financial hardships from 2020 have fallen on many families, and we have NOT raised our summer fees for camp.
We plan to continue moving forward in Summer 2021. You can find out more about our programs, ages, dates, and more on our website here:

Camp Kulaqua’s Summer Camp

We’d love to hear from you!

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