March 8th – March 10th, 2019

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This world is a great harvest field. Farmers choose the season, tender the ground, and spread the seeds. They are committed in providing all the nutrients and protection for the vulnerable shoot to reach maturity. Unwanted pests, plant diseases, inclement weather, and invasive weeds are confronted with valiant efforts to preserve the crop. Fertilizer is applied to nourish the roots. An expensive irrigation system is used to enhance the potential for growth. Their work is endured until the harvest time is over and the produce is stored in proper storehouses.

Jesus used many ordinary earthly experiences to introduce the eternal principles of His kingdom. One of those lessons is found in the parable on the wheat and the weed, the good and bad seed fighting for a place in the same field. The weed is laid on the ground by the enemy forces to take away the energy and productivity of the soil. Both plants grow together and are similar in appearance. It will be premature to remove one, as the other will be damaged in the process. The devil envisions a bountiful harvest in detriment of God’s crop. Only the harvest time will it be possible to identify the fruit. In that time, we will see who belongs to God and those who are from the devil. These different fruits will face very distinct destinations.

We live today in the time when the field is populated by the wheat and the weed. “The field is the world, and the good seed is the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one.” (Mat. 13:38). Are you a son of the evil one or son of the kingdom? What are the distinctive characteristics of each group? What kind of fruit are you producing in your life? Who is influencing your appetite for entertainment, relationship, commitment, and priorities? Are you
investing your resources in heavenly treasure or in a rusty earthly bottomless pit? Is your lifestyle conducive to a heavenly or an earthly destiny?

These are the questions answered in our 2019 Florida Conference Men’s Ministries Conventions. Come and be moved by messages and seminars presented by powerful preaching. Be anointed by refreshing inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Be revived by the Word of God.

Ronaldo Da Cunha
Florida Conference
Men’s Ministries Director


John Earnhardt


John Earnhardt was delivered by a praying Adventist nurse. Growing up during the early days of NASCAR, he spent much of his childhood playing around a racetrack with a boy named Dale Earnhardt. Both boys had blue eyes and brown hair. Many people thought they were brothers. Both families were bootleggers who became racers. But how different would be their destinies. Little Dale would become known as The Intimidator and be immortalized as a legend in NASCAR racing savoring 76 wins in Victory Lane. John, who used to lie on the bootleg beer in the back of his father’s truck, would take a different road to glory. Not one paved with asphalt or filled with cheering fans, but it would lead to the ultimate Victory Lane. In this book Crystal Earnhardt exposes family secrets to share the miraculous story of how God’s redeeming love can reach deep into the grease pits of sin, proving that there is no clay too difficult for Him to mold.



Minner Labrador

Pastor Dr. Minervino “Minner” Labrador Jr. serves Men’s Ministries from the Southwestern Union Conference.

He is a graduate of Southern Adventist University located in Collegedale, Tennessee, Andrews University located in Berrien Springs, Michigan and Gordon-Conwwell Theological Seminary located in Boston, Massachusetts. He completed his doctoral studies with a specialty in Redemptive Leadership and Healthy Organizational Structures.

Minner is the founder and creator of the Men’s Ministries television series “Old Man New Man” which can be seen around the world. He has led and pioneered the work of Men’s Ministries across North America for over twenty years.



Pastor Newton King

Newton King, a graduate of the University of the Southern Caribbean located in Trinidad and Tobago (also his native land) received his Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Following this achievement, he came to the United States to continue his studies at Andrews University and Western Michigan University where he obtained Masters’ in Religion and Psychology.

The Lord blessed his ministry as he Pastored in the Southern Caribbean Conference and practiced Psychology in the Michigan area. After many years, his ministry was utilized at the Solid Rock (Pine Hills) Seventh-day Adventist church where he, with his wife at his side Dr. Syllette King and their two children, Pastored for over 14 years. He is now Pastoring at the University S.D.A. church in Orlando, Florida.


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