The Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Presents The 2017 Annual Women’s Retreat

In My Sister’s Shoes.

Featuring guest speakers:

Carolann De Leon and Marti Jones

“We are NOT the last word on how others should behave or believe.”

“There is really only one conclusion that we can come to if we are truly willing to follow the mandate that Jesus gave us: We need to become more merciful and more understanding, more loving and more accepting.”

Early Registration Opens October 1st, 2016

Take advantage of the Early Bird DISCOUNT! Register by November 30th, 2016 for a $20 Housing discount!









In My Sister’s Shoes.

Department of Women’s Ministries Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

For questions, please email:

sheryal.vandenberghe (at) floridaconference (dot) com

In My Sister’s Shoes.

Meet The 2017 Florida Conference Annual Women’s Retreat Speakers

Marti Jones

Marti Jones is the former Florida Hospital coordinator of spiritual nurture and spiritual ambassadors. She served in this capacity for more than 15 years and had the privilege of supporting and encouraging the growth of the ministry, both on Florida Hospital campuses and within various Adventist Health System hospitals.

Carolann De Leon

Carolann, is a Registered Nurse (BSN, Loma Linda University) and also holds a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Loma Linda University. Though she was close to completing the same Ph.D. from Fuller with Cesar, she became a full-time homeschool mother to their sons. She is close to completing her Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling. Carolann thoroughly enjoys volunteering as associate to her husband, Cesar, in his ministerial responsibilities. The De Leon’s have two precious sons, Zachary and Jonathan.

In My Sister’s Shoes.

Come recharge and regroup with like minded women at the 2017 Women’s Ministry Retreat in the peaceful, uplifting surroundings at Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center.

You will find rest for your mind, and peace for your soul.

There will be three full weekends to choose from!
Book early, they will fill up fast!

Week 1 will be English Speaking – this year’s guest speaker will be: Marti Jones

Week 2 will be English Speaking, Guest Speaker will be: Carolann De Leon

Week 3 will be Spanish Speaking – this year’s Spanish guest speaker will be: Carolann De Leon

A Teen Track is provided in English during each weekend for young women age 13-17 who are seeking a deeper relationship with God.

Come Walk With Him.

by Lin Pacific (Copyright 2016)

Come walk with Him on streets of old, Through pages thin and edged with gold The Father’s precious lessons here Will fall upon each listening ear Of those within His fold.

Come walk with Him through lessons dim Of how we all fell into sin And Father’s precious sacrifice That paid the law’s tremendous price – Redeemed man’s souls again Come learn with Him of God’s great love He sent His Son from heav’n above To sacrifice on Calvary’s tree To love us first and set us free And show His thought in “The Word” of Love.

Come share the mysteries that unfold Of foe’s deceptions, lies that hold All mankind captive, bound in sin,
As tempests toss and batter him, And how One Word breaks free as told

Come walk with Him on waters deep, As ripples lap beneath our feet, All nature bows at His command.
The storm abates beneath His hand And this same touch can heal His sheep Come walk with Him up Calvary’s Hill, Be crucified with Him until The Victory’s won By Father’s Son! All Heaven and earth sing praises still!

Come walk with Him on streets of gold, Through gates of pearl into His fold, The Ransom’s done The Victory’s won A Kingdom for the hearts He holds!

By Lin Pacific (Copyright 2016)

In My Sister’s Shoes.

This Year’s Women’s Retreat will fill up quickly, so be sure to book early.

Early Registration Opens October 1st, 2016

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