2017 Annual Florida Seventh-day Adventist

“Unquenchable Love!”

October 20 – 22, 2017

A good place to hang around.

We were given:

Two hands to hold.

Two legs to walk.

Two eyes to see.

Two ears to listen.

But why only one heart?

Because the other heart was given to someone else.

For us to find.

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker – Mike Tucker

Pastor Tucker is Speaker/Director for Faith for Today Television, and Senior Pastor of the 1600 member Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Tucker’s career has included work as an Academy Bible Teacher, Youth Pastor, Hospice Chaplain, Psychiatric Chaplain and Hospital Chaplain. He holds a Master’s Degree in counseling. Marriage, family, and individual counseling are major components of his ministry. Pastor Tucker has also served as an Associate Ministerial Secretary for the North American Division and Ministerial Secretary for the Texas Conference.

Come to the Quiet


Beautiful Natural Surroundings

Rest, Restore and Reconnect with your loved one. Time invested in these peaceful surroundings can bring abundant rewards.

Study the Word

Take lessons and encouragement from the lives of the Great Patriarchs and Prophets

Spiritual Connections

Strengthen ties and relationships, encourage and be encouraged with the Great Family of God on the same journey to Heaven

We are planning an awesome event. You won’t want to miss it! Tell your friends and have a special reunion at our “Unquenchable Love!” Retreat








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Luxury at One Place.

Taste the magic of our chefs.

Why a Couples Retreat?

Happy couples are the backbone of the family, and strong, happy families are the backbone of the community.

Why at Kulaqua?

Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center has offered people and groups of all ages a sanctuary to come together and bond with one another and God, away from common stresses and distractions, nestled on a blanket of God’s green canvas in north central Florida.

Why In the Midst of Nature?

Experience the warmth of the sun beating down through the trees, its beams reflecting off placid waters, the sound of a gentle breeze through the trees—all of these things are a recipe for better focus, relaxation, and spirituality. There is no shortage of inspiration. The beauty of nature surrounds you and inspires you at every turn at Kulaqua.

Renew the Ties that Bind!

Come Learn More About “The Unquenchable Love” That Endures Forever!

Share it!

“That ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth and length and depth and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.

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The Vessels


The vessels were empty and wonderfully made
They stood in His image with breath that He gave,
Majestic portraying His Countenance clear
To joy in new life that will pass year by year.


The first made was Adam, the head of the race,
He looked for another to fill his embrace.
So deep sleep provided his rib, which became
An Eve to walk by him and kindle the flame
Of love for each other so that they may grow
And share in their learning of why things were so.
As they loved each other, they gave what they were

To share with the other, to him and to her.

Beholding each other they slow became changed
The lines ‘tween them blurred, as one they became.
Then standing as one in the knowledge that came
From One Source so perfect reflecting His name.


Their all had but One Source and so it was pure,
Reflecting His Image so they can be sure
They were growing to be like their Maker, and slow
Would learn to partake of His Glory and know.


He walked with them daily, explaining their why’s,
Fulfilling their knowledge, growing in their eyes.


Living waters of life in these vessels He poured

Till their brims overflowed, so they could give more.


So He watered the Tree of Life and saw it grow

As each branch divided in marriage and so

His far reaching Love could pulsate far and near

Through this matrix of vessels bound to His Heart so dear.


L Pacific (Copyright 2016)


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